Insurance is a concept that has existed since the day of the Romans. Being a part of our ABS family, we ensure quality service in various forms of insurances such as life insurance, Health insurance,and travel insurance.

Life Insurance:

Life insurance in essence is a way to leave behind support for your dependents to evade any financial hardships.

There are two main types of Life Insurances; term and permanent. Term insurance covers term needs such as mortgage, business obligations and so on. Permanent needs on the other side, covers necessities such as: funeral expenses, capital gains taxes, augmenting a dependent’s income and so on.

Term Life Insurance:

Such a policy is provided on a specified term or period basis, which can either be fixed for a number of years, or set to certain age (one, five, ten years,  or to age 50, age 55 etc.).

Permanent Insurance:

There are two types of variations that fall under this category; Universal and Whole. Although they both provide lifetime coverage, they differ in matter of premiums. A premium for Whole life insurance is typically fixed at certain amount while the premium of Universal life insurance can be altered throughout the policy in case of change in liquid flow.

Health Insurance:

Accidents and health related issues are an inevitable part of our society, and it is something that one should always plan for in case of any calamity.

There are four main types of health insurances; personal health, critical illness, disability, and long term care insurance