Benefit Planning


Benefit planning is the idea of having a retirement plan which is sponsored by your employer. These employer sponsored retirement plans are dependent on factors such as how long you have worked at the place of employment and your salary history. In such cases, the employer or the company for which you are employed has complete control of your investment risk and management portfolio.  The return upon retirement in this plan is completely independent of your individual investment returns. Withdrawal of these funds such as how much and when, is mutually agreed upon by both parties. This is known as a Direct Benefit Plan.

Similarly you can also opt for a Flexible Benefit Plan. These plans, as the name states are not hard set and the employee is given an option of several benefits from which they may choose. These options can include things like health insurance and retirement benefits. With increasing health care and child care costs, flexible benefit plans are becoming more and more popular with businesses.

These are just two of a vast collection of benefit planning ideas that ABS brings to its customers. Each individual and/or business is assisted with detail oriented attention to design a plan that suits their needs, however simple or complex they may be.